She Said He Said: Marilyn Monroe Elegance

Monday, February 17, 2014

Marilyn Monroe Elegance

She Said:
I have always loved the glamorous Marilyn Monroe; her memory will always live on and was the epitome of elegance. This sleeveless tank is from Deb Shops and I love the message it gives “Elegance don’t just be noticed be remembered” which is so true. I decided to work my look around this famous icon, red ruby woo lipstick to match. My skirt is an amazing bright red c/o the Grayson Shop, I love the basic jersey fabric and it conforms to my body. I layered this with a striped blazer from Charlotte Russe, in simple black and white making sure all the reds stand out. A spike and stone necklace from Deb Shops is only perfect; it is soft and tough like Ms. Monroe was. I paired this with my Trendy Trinket triangle black and rhinestone earrings with my quilted/tassel clutch, to match this alluring outfit. I layered multiple bracelets on my wrist for a rocker feel and these booties are super chic and sassy, also from Deb Shops with cut outs in an ankle boot style I love these with my red polished toes peaking through. Red, black and white with Marilyn Monroe on my shirt, is sexy, stylish and an honor to showcase my look today. How do you feel about graphic tees?
He Said:
I love how different today’s outfit is, I rarely ever see her in graphic tees and I really like it. She did a great job making this t-shirt look like more than just a t-shirt; the jacket helps a lot with this. The striped jacket brings a sophisticated, elegant look to her outfit. Now, the red skirt and heels add plenty of sex appeal. The necklace is as unique as everything else and the bracelets blend perfectly with her bag chain and necklace. She looks as though she could go anywhere in this outfit and look amazing doing it. I am not blow away or speechless but I am impressed and I do have respect for this outfit and what it is.
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  1. Love the black, white and red mix - and Mac's Ruby Woo is my favorite red lipstick too! See you soon lady xx

  2. Your legs look so fab Chelsea! And I adore those shoes!

  3. I LOOOOOVE those boots! The cutouts are so great! Such an amazing statement shoe :)


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